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under water. down trees and power lines were reported in baltimore city and county as well as parts of anne arundel county. baltimore city police were forced to block off a number of intersections due to this flooding. >>> since the recent storms that seem to keep pounding our region, a lot of people have been calling on pepco to bury the power lines. >> iew till is looking into the proposal but reporter matt jablow traveled to one city where burying power lines is already in place. >> reporter: in the days immediately after last month's derecho which knocked out power, most power co-workers in the area were as busy as they've ever been if not busier. was business as ua
in baltimore city and the county as well as part of anne arundel county. baltimore city police were forced to block off a number of intersections because of flooding. >>> the parents of an 8-year- old prince william county boy are charged with felony child abuse. amy and matthew sweeney of net hollow court in bristow were arrested after the child turned up at a house on glen meadow lane and appeared to be lost. the boy had severe bruising all over his body. they believe the abuse happened on a constant basis. the child is in the custody of child protective services. >>> 5:04 now. 9 wants you to know there are new allegations of misspent tax dollars by the general services administration. the inspector general is now launching an investigation into a reward and motivation conference the gsa held in 2010 at a marriott in arlington. the one-day conference allegedly cost taxpayers almost $270,000. here's what some of the investigators think the money was spent on. $41,734 for travel, more than $34,000 to rent the venue, $28,364 for a time and temperature picture frames, $25078 for 4,000 drumst
are in baltimore city and county. more than 4000 workers plan on working through the weekend to restore electricity. >>> george zimmerman hit an rbi double. he will go six innings and trying out the giants. >>> time to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. we ask you what do most americans say is the biggest source of stress in their lives? is it their mortgage, their in-laws or their jobs? >> the answer is their mortgage. >> just don't ask howard and mike. we'll have one more check on traffic and weather next, right here on 9news now, isolated strong storms possible. monika? >> reporter: an investigation continues of a deadly accident. of the bw parkway, southbound is reopened. no hov restrictions today. >>> cbs there morning is next with a diplomatic showdown in pakistan and more on the life and legacy of actor entertainer andy griffith. >> even when the power is out you can keep tabs on news weather and traffic. just go to twitter and follow wusa 9. >>> happy birthday, america.
mentioned. 68 for the baltimore city center. really warm in the city at the rage began national -- reagan national airport. dewpoints fairly high making our temperatures already feeling close to 80 degrees inside the beltway. overall today we are going to be pretty good with our sunshine into the afternoon. showers will be hit or miss in nature, then overnight tonight we are partly cloudy. tomorrow i think the first half of your fourth of july celebrations go without a hitch. we are tracking showers and thunderstorms moving on in late in the day. again that could impact your delay. some of the fireworks displays in the evening. today's highs right around 95 degrees. next three days are yellow weather alert days. showers and thunderstorms possible each afternoon and definitely looking another a sticky 7-day forecast. overnight lows in the 70s, daytime highs in the middle 90s. monika? >>> we know you want to hear from pepco. we hoped to bring you that interview but we are still waiting. we hope to get that to you before the end of the show. >>> our time 6:17. still ahead a big vote on metro
legislation. baltimore city, washington, d.c., and fairfax county all have policies. >> bird lovers and wildcat lovers promise they'll be back when it comes up again, too. bruce leshan, 9news now. >> and alley cat ally says humans are a far greater threat than these cats and they say trapped, neuter and return, is the only proven way to shrink the population of the millions of wildcats that we've been talking about. >>> we have breaking news in arlington tonight, where two bodies have been discovered. the picture live here from arlington where police are on the scene where they responded to park shirlington apartments. there were reports of a 30-year- old woman found dead. when paramedics got there, a second body was found. officers cordenned off a building. they have a crew on the way. we'll bring you more when it becomes available. >>> to d.c. now, where residents say the city is doing okay. that's according to a new web based service that allows the mayor to take the temperature of how people feel in the city. bruce johnson has seen this report card. you actually gone out and t
power. most of them are on the north side of baltimore city as well as towson and owe wigs mills -- owings mills. andrea? >>> right now, we focus on the district and efforts to get peak power back and cleanup after the storm. joining us is muri al buzzer. you are probably still getting complaints. >> absolutely. we have still people with very hot homes and downed trees. many people have completely left their homes since last friday. we know we're now to the areas where a couple of houses are on a block or several blocks. we have one area near 18th and quincy street where we have about 24 homes continuously out. so we know they are getting to them. people are hot and frustrated. >> people who are frustrated call their representatives. i was one of those frustrated who called you. what can you actually do for residents, especially seniors or the disabled who we've heard on television talking about they can't get out, they are hot. can you get them ice? do you have money to get them battery-powered fans? what can you do? >> we make sure nobody's being forgotten in my ward. we give
to talk about possibly expanding gambling in the state today, but no dice. baltimore city delegate kurt anderson postponed the meeting. he says he needs more information from the governor before he can make a decision. lawmakers will meet, today, however to discuss whether or not a special session will be done to take up the issue. >>> sherman helms hemsley, the man who played george jefferson has died at the age of 74. >> 11:00 on a sunday morning, we just are having breakfast. that's sinful. >> no it ain't but this ain't breakfast. it's brunch. the rich folks invented it so we wouldn't have to worry about getting up too late for breakfast or too early for lunch so they call it brunch. >> the role began on "all in the family" and was spun off into the hit sitcom "the jeffersons." it was on for 11 seasons. hemsley was also known for his role in the '80s sitcom "amen." he died of natural causes at his home in el paso, texas. >>> time is 6:38. coming up in nine minutes, we'll be joined by an author who is going to talk about his new book a high stakes mystery set at the olympics. >> it's
. >> is there any doubt in your mind that these banks hurt the city of baltimore? >> absolutely no doubt. we cannot stand by when we feel that we are being cheated. >> reporter: stephanie rawlings-blake says the libor manipulation hurt america's cities at the worst possible time, the height of the recession. as the city balanced a budget deficit by closing fire stations, recreational centers and schools, the mayor says the banks added to the deficit with artificially low-interest rates that underpaid the city on investments. officials estimate the loss at up to several million dollars. >> reporter: given the deficit that you faced to begin with, 65, 68 million dollars, are you saying the banks piled on. >> you're talking about 1 or 2 million dollars that, you know, that fire company, that's recreation centers, that's, you know, services that our city needs and we're going to fight for that. >> reporter: in downtown baltimore the head of the firefighters union, michael campbell says the closing of some fire stations slowed down the response to fires. >> the center closed today and nobody is there, i
george's county and the city of baltimore can make a determination whether or not they want it. >> ride on buses, 26 montgomery county ride on buses have been taken out of service because? >> well, i made the decision yesterday to remove them permanently because we've had some problems with the champion buses in the county. we had a fire yesterday. i do not want to jeopardize the safety of our workers and our potential patrons of the ride on system so i decided to remove them. we'll look at replacement. we hope to have all of those replaced in a couple of weeks. >> with 26 buses out of service, it's going to affect residents. >> it certainly will but we hope we can get through this with minimal disruption. we're on sort of a mini holiday schedule for some of the buses now and we'll ramp it back up the next few days. >> you will. so it will be back in a couple of days. >> hope to, yes. >> thank you. it's always great to have county executive ike leggett with me. >>> congresswoman michele bachmann's allegations that the secretary of state has ties with the muslim brotherhood has some repu
sizes it up. today he met with leaders of prince georges and montgomery counties and the city of baltimore. they talked about building a new casino in prince georges county and adding table games such as blackjack at all maryland casinos. the governor says progress is being made toward holding that special legislative session this summer to expand gambling in maryland. >>> new at 6:00 tonight, the pentagon will be chipping in $180 million to help widen route 1 in virginia. specifically, we are talking about a 3 1/2 mile stretch of the road. that money would help widen the road from 4 to 6 lanes and also improve access at the bases gates. >> tonight, police are hoping you can help them bring a 75- year-old man home. stop for a moment, take a look at this picture. this is oscar henry washington. he was last seen in the backyard of his daughter's home in bowie. he was wear ago green button shirt and black dress shoes. if you have seen mr. washington, please give police a call. >>> more problems tonight for george zimmerman. coming up at 7:00, disturbing new allegations against t
consumers. the city of baltimore and the firefighters and police union of new britain, connecticut, have already filed a lawsuit against barclays and other internationalbacks claiming that a low libor cost them a return on their investments. bob diamond, the ex-c.e.o. of barclays is due to face some tough questions by british politicians tomorrow and his line of defense is going to be that at the time back in 2007 and 2008 a lot of banks were fixing interest rates and he's going to say that the deputy head of the british central bank actually called him up and gave him a tacit green light to go ahead, an exclusive allegation, scott. >> pelley: a lot more to come. liz, thanks very much. phony cancer drugs from overseas end up in u.s. clinics. a ruling in the case of a jetblue pilot charged with disrupting a flight. and just ahead of the fourth. the sun sets off some fireworks. when "cbs evening news" continues. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptom
cheated consumers. the city of baltimore and the firefighters and police union of new britain, connecticut, have already filed a lawsuit against barclays and other international banks claiming that a low libor cost them a return on their investments. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. >>> a jetblue airline pilot who disrupted his own flight leaving the cockpit and screaming about religion and terrorists has been found not guilty due to mental illness. clayton os ben was charged with interfering with a flight crew after the incident in march. a federal judge in amarillo, texas where the plane made an emergency landing ordered him to a mental health facility. >>> the competitive eating take part in one of the biggest sporting events of the year. the nathan's hot dog eating contest in coney island. our buddy john elliott coming up on the left weatherman from our weather station in new york city up against former nathan's champ. toker owe kobayashi. kobayashi will not be competing in this year's event. cheater, cheater you. this is the "cbs morning news." it's time to live wider awake. only t
counties and the city of baltimore. supporters want to allow tables like blackjack in addition to the slot machines and there's a push to authorize a sixth casino site, possibly at national harbor. the governor could call a special session to address the gaming within the next few weeks. >>> so far there is mixed reviews when it comes to dominion virginia power's customers. a rate hike took effect yesterday when a new dominion plant in southwest virginia started operating. that increase works out to about $1.30 extra per month for a typical residential customer. however, dominion says the additional adjustments are being worked out with state regulators and those could drop the average bill by more than $4 starting in september. >>> the time right now is 5:34. i'm watching your money and the job market. one of the lingering tolls of the great recession has been on unemployment. with so many people out of work young people are having the hardest time finding a job. >> reporter: at 19 years old, she's already endured hardship. a foreclosure had her bouncing from house to house for three year
his petition online. >>> the talks over gambling in maryland shift to baltimore today. that's where the governor is going to meet with city lawmakers there. yesterday he met with house speaker michael bush and state senate majority leader mike miller. he could call for a special session of the general assembly to talk about this more. that's where they would consider expanding gambling in the state including table games and possibly adding a sixth cuisine foe at a site in prince george's county. >>> the time is 5:35. i'm watching your money and your identity. we hear about identity theft on a regular basis, so much so, you may be tuning that information out, but you really need to pay attention because you could stand to lose cold hard cash. so how do you know your identity has been stolen? daily finance gives us these five red flags. number one, your crazy card gets declined for an unknown reason. if this happens you to, it could be a sign your account has been hacked. check your account immediately. take action immediately. number two, mystery charges appear on your statement. the
-star harold reynolds, a former seattle and baltimore player, who will be covering the all-star game for mlb network and in kansas city, espn's jayson stark, who joins us from the field of tuesday's game. doris let me start with you. what is it about baseball that has given us this great staying power? we have been playing baseball in this country since the civil war, abraham lincoln -- >> my god. >> schieffer: played baseball. you wrote a book of some notice about it. what do you think it is about this game? >> i think it has to do with the fact it gets passed down from a parent to a child so it is part of your family memories, i mean in my state i was six years old and kept they art of keeping score so i could record for him the history of that afternoon's brooklyn dodger game, and he never told me then that all of this was actually described in the sports pages the next day so i threw it out and he wouldn't do know what happened to the brooklyn dodgers so my kids love baseball and part of the same fabric, we now have season tickets to the red sox, i can sometimes sit at the field and clo
's trial is set to begin september 4. >>> baltimore's public works department is trying to avert a potential disaster. they are asking people who get their water from the city to conserve as much as possible. public works crews have found weak spots in a 54-inch transmission main which carries water to howard and anne arundel counties. today workers are going to try to perform some tests to see what kind of repairs are needed and whether or not the entire main needs to be shut off. >>> there are some people in southwest virginia who still do not have power after the june 29 epic storm around here. to get relief some of them are going to jail. the county jail has been reopened so people can have air conditioning and a place to sleep. the building was closed a few months ago when a new regional jail opened. >>> second careers are so- called encore careers are becoming increasingly popular. more and more people are into this. this is a way to reimagine ourselves or a way to deal with careers that simply vanished during the great recession. approximately nine million people have foun
and kings port. johnson city over there. around here we've got 60s. mid-60s in gaithersburg. reston 67 this morning. college park 69. it's still 73 up in baltimore. 72 in fort belvoir this morning. 72 in prince frederick in calvert county. 70 in leesburg. a very comfortable morning. clear skies, great visibility as you're looking at the capitol dome. 74 reagan national. humidity 64% and there's the key for us. northerly winds, drier air there at 9 miles an hour. they'll be north, northwest much of the day 5 to 10. we have high pressure once again covering the middle of the country. been like this a lot this summer. that's why they've had the terrible drought and the terrible heat. places like st. louis, kansas city over a hundred once again. big storms in the northern plains. these storms are forced up and over. yes, more rain up in minnesota, the dakotas, these storms come around the ridge. yesterday we got some of those. this morning, though, that boundary is going to be off to our west. so we've got no problem. in fact, behind this boundary, the cooler, drier air is swept down towar
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